Lockdown Leavers Prom Photoshoot at Boughton House

This year has been very testing for everyone including the leavers of secondary schools. This special time is usually marked with a Prom at gorgeous venues across the country, but not this year!!

I was aware that a lot of these leavers had already purchased there beautiful dresses and suits, and wouldn’t be able to wear them. So I wanted to give them something special to remember leaving school, and of course a lovely keepsake for parents & grandparents. By kind permission of the Duke of Buccleuch, Boughton House became the venue, for which I’m very grateful (I’m hoping to do the same next year).
Not only this but I am proud to announce, I have managed to raise £305 for the Support Wicksteed Park Campaign. This park has been part of the local communities childhood, mine included, and will be celebrating its centenary in 2021! It would be a huge shame if it had to close…. should you wish to donate please donate on their just giving page.x
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If you would like to be apart of 2021 Prom Photoshoot, please get in touch by pressing this link: jlyphotography.co.uk/contact/